Saturday, December 1, 2012

Colin Kaepernik - the guy we have all dated.

You know that guy. The guy you met during that low point in your life in between college and a career. You were living at home, maybe, and were trying to avoid running into people you went to high school with. After a few too many craft beers, you meet this guy. Tattoos, no real stable job, but cracks you up and orders you another beer. You agree to meet again at another bar later on that week, which leads to a river date, and next thing you know, you're in a quasi relationship with THAT guy.

He may or may not have had a few run ins with the police. He knows all the local bouncers, has more than a few fights under his belt, and has the best weed supplier on speed dial.

Bonus points if he has his area code tattooed somewhere.

Eventually you start to look forward to his calls. Even if you know its not going anywhere, it's still a good time. Then one day, you walk into your favorite dive bar after not hearing from him for a week or so, and there he is with a super bleached out slightly overweight girl, who he explains is his girlfriend/wife/baby mama.

As you leave, you realize its a good wake up call, you could have become THAT girl. Its the kick in your ass to rededicate yourself to job applications  and moving out to anywhere.

So what I want to know is, how did THAT guy end up as starting quarterback?? He replaced Alex Smith who has done decently for the 49ers in the past. Alex Smith got one concussion, and next thing you know there is Kaepernik. Sort of like when you missed that ONE party and you hear he is making out with a new girl.

Don't worry Alex, we have all been there. Get some ice cream and some wine, and just know that karma will catch up to one day.

Dammit, it better.

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