About SSS

Back in 2008 I met a guy. A guy who thought spending every Sunday in the fall (and occasionally Thursdays and Mondays) in a crowded, smokey sports bar was awesome. I was living in DC at the time, and found it to be a little ridiculous that we would waste the two good weather weeks that DC provides inside, but he was hot and I was an intern, so why now? 

The boyfriend was tricky. I was already fairly familiar with the game, but he brought my interest to a new level. He found out early on that he could hook me by enticing me with humerus and ridiculous stories about the players and other tid bits that would get me cheering at the screen. I hit a new low this year when I joined a fantasy team. Its now been 3 years with the boyfriend, and god knows how many Sundays spent at sports bars around the country.

Hopefully this blog will help other girlfriends and wives out there who end up spending endless Sundays at sports bars by highlighting the more...interesting/attractive side of sports. Sometimes the best solution to sports bar Sundays is to NOT go, but if you can't avoid it, I hope this blog can make it more enjoyable of a time!