Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tiger's back?

Its been a sad time since football has ended, at least for me. Daytona 500? Meh. Basketball...let me know when the play offs start. Too many games to really get interested. But, as I have recently found out, there is at least one blog worthy battle happening, in golf of all places. 

As I type this, there is a show down happening between Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. McIlroy, for those (like me) who aren't into golf, is a young kid from England who has been blowing up the PGA for a few years. I was busy watching Tiger implode and marveling at the hot pink outfits of Paula Creamer, and missed this kid who apparently graduated from hogwarts. 

At this PGA tour in Florida today, Rory is dominating, but Tiger is coming back. This is his best round in a long, long time, at least since he got bashed by a nine iron in his front yard. 

It has to make you wonder what has changed though. The Internet blew up last year when he started dating again, but his golf game was still suffering. Makes me think that maybe his magic was in his philandering.  And if i'm right (it's my blog so obviously I am) then maybe he is back to his old ways. And if so, does anyone have the right to say anything now that he is a single, unattached guy? 

Makes you wonder if the scandal would have gone down differently had he admitted to the source of his power right off the bat?