Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kate Upton is dating WHO?

That was my question today while I was listening to Dan Patrick (Dan Peeezy for all you who don't know).  I've been a big Kate Upton fan since I found out she used to show horses, and as a Sports Illustrated cover model, she HAS to have her pick of guys.

 Not exactly what I wear to ride, but whatever floats your boat!

So i'm guessing now - it must be an athlete since it was on Dan Peezy, and of course my guess is football or basketball player. I'm thinking like a young QB, maybe a Cam Newton or a Brady Quinn? (Who I would date in a heart beat). Nope, its Justin Verlander.

I had to google this guy, because I don't follow baseball at all, except I know there is some famous pitcher they call the beard. I was SO hoping she didn't end up dating him - not sure my mind could handle that. Here's who he is.

Cute, in an aw-shucks kind of way. I guess he is the pitcher for the Detroit Tigers and is doing pretty well. Nothing too interesting on his, except that he has a pregame ritual of eating Taco Bell. And he gets his Mexican Pizza without tomatoes (my favorite).

Points for the tacos, but I'm not sure this relationship is going to be a long lasting one...

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